U11/12 Summer Program

Children born in 2013 and 2012

CDC (Club Development Center) – LEARN HOW TO TRAIN: Group training in the form of workshops.  

Team registration in the Ligue régionale de soccer de l’Outaouais (LRSO 9 c. 9). 

Price: $387  

Dates:  May to August with fitness camp and team composition in April 

Schedule: https://soccerdescollines.com/en/schedules/ 

Frequency: 1 practice and 1 game per week 

Practices: 3 fitness camp sessions in April, which will also be used to form teams. From May onwards, one weekly group training session per category in the form of workshops as part of the CDC. 

Games: Team registration in LRSO competition that includes 12 to 14 games. Each team may register in other competitions such as Soccer Outaouais’ Coupe LRSO, Rendez-vous 24 or tournaments.  

The U11-12 program builds on the skills learned in U9U10.  Workshops are based on Soccer Canada and Soccer Québec standards. The aim is for players to have fun and continue to develop their skills. The focus is on ensuring that players touch the ball as often as possible, while developing their technical skills. Emphasis must be on creativity rather than competition. No rankings are kept by the League. 

Grouping of participants: players grouped by gender. Players will have the opportunity to express their interest in being part of a regional team (highest level of competition). 

Location of training sessions: Group training practices (CDC) will be held in the Chelsea and Cantley sectors, while team practices may be held in other sectors depending on field availability. 

Equipment included: All players will receive a uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks) which they keep at the end of the season. Players must have their own cleats and shin guards. 

What is a CDC?