Rule of Two

Soccer des Collines adheres to the Coaching Association of Canada’s Rule of Two. 

The rule of two states that there must be two coaches trained / certified and verified with a minor athlete when in a potentially vulnerable situation. This means that any individual interaction between a coach and an athlete must take place within earshot and in the sight of the second coach, with the exception of emergencies.

One of the coaches must also be of the same gender identity as the athlete. In the event that a second coach selected and certified or trained by the NCCP is not available, a volunteer, parent or selected adult can be recruited.

This rule serves to protect underage athletes in potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring that more than one adult is present. Vulnerable situations may include close door meetings, locker rooms, travel and training environments, amongst others.

Soccer des Collines will respond appropriately to remedy situations where this rule is not respected.

All the details of the rule of two can be found in the following document: