Rain or storm warning

Weather: In soccer, we play even in the rain. Practices are at the discretion of your coach, but the only time games are cancelled in advance is when it is possible for Clubs or the municipality to confirm that the field is unplayable (e.g. large puddles). This assessment is made at approximately 4:00 p.m. and a message can then be sent to the teams concerned. When it is not possible to cancel in advance because it starts raining in the evening or because there is a storm watch, you must show up at the field. The referee has the authority to make the decision based on the conditions at the field.


Heat Warnings

Unless there is a Soccer Outaouais announcement by 3PM the day of a game, all games are played as scheduled.

If you want to cancel a game yourself, you will have to use the regular procedure (you must come to an agreement with the other coach and obtain authorization from Soccer Outaouais.).

The good news is that by the evening, the temperature has usually cooled a fair bit.  Bring lots of water and ask the refs for additional water breaks.

Please keep in mind that if you decide not to play, you can’t just not show up or your team will be fined and Soccer des Collines is not responsible for the cost of these fines.  Even if you don’t play, but you have enough players on the field at the game time start, it will be a forfeit, rather than a fine.

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