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Upgrade and Downgrade Policy


In order to act transparently and in a systematic and consistent manner for all cases of upgrades and downgrades, Soccer des Collines has a policy governing requests for upgrades and downgrades.


Soccer des Collines Soccer Club evaluates all requests for upgrades and downgrades in a transparent and fair manner and in line with the Club’s mission.


An “upgrade” occurs when a player is playing in an age category higher than the one where he should appear according to his date of birth. For example, a U-10 player who is upgraded to U-11 to play in a U-12 team with U-11 and U-12 players.

A “downgrading” occurs when a player plays in a lower age category than the one where he should appear according to his date of birth. For example a U-07 player who plays U-06.


1) Any request for upgrades or downgrades must be forwarded to the Registrar of the Club as soon as possible before the start of the season. They can be sent to the registrar@soccerdescollines.com

2) The Registrar will compile these applications and prepare the files for evaluation.

3) Applications received before the start of the season will be examined according to the entire registration pyramid. It is agreed that an upgrade or downgrading that would result in a lack of room for another player of the age category will be refused, with priority always given to players of the ‘natural’ age category. The number of players upgraded / downgraded should also not jeopardize the lower category because of too few players without the player or players upgraded / downgraded.

4) Following the review of all applications and the registration pyramid, the Registrar will make a recommendation to the Club Technical Committee for each file based on the distribution of entries.

5) The Technical Committee will make a decision on each case (if necessary, it will impose the technical and / or tactical evaluation of a player before rendering his decision on particular cases). This decision is final.

6) The Registrar will announce to the Upgrade and Downgrade Applicants the result, positive or negative, by copying the applicable Club Level Managers.

Any request for upgrades during the season will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Upgrades of one category are allowed at all levels. Downgrades are only permitted up to U-09 category for U-08 play. Downgrading to a regional league (for a U-10 player or more) will not be granted.

Double upgrade

Any request for double-upgrade must follow the process imposed by Soccer Outaouais. Parents will be responsible for obtaining a parental / medical certificate certifying that the player is not in danger for his health and provide it to Soccer Outaouais and the Soccer des Collines.


An upgrade granted may be revoked before the start of the activities or during the season if the player is no longer able to keep pace at the higher level. Similarly, a downgrade could be canceled if a player is too dominant at the lower level and this domination is detrimental to the development of other players.


There is no charge as such for upgrading or downgrading. If an upgrade results in a level change to a level where the cost of registration is higher, there will be additional fees to cover in order to cover the difference in the cost of registration. If a downgrade results in a level change to a level where the registration fee is lower, the gap in the registration fee will NOT be refunded.

Policy on cheques returned by Financial Institutions

A $ 25 fee will be added to any cheque returned by the client’s financial institution. In addition, the payment must be replaced by cash.

Refund Policy for Registration Fees

All refunds are conditional based on full payment by the member, or in the case of a minor, a person responsible for the minor. All refund requests are subject to:

  • An administration fee of 10% of the full payment LESS;
  • League membership fees, if applicable
  • Cost of uniform, if already received by player
  • Passport costs
  • Sponsorship amounts received 


Registrations are non-transferable.

No refunds will be issued for a member who has been expelled for reasons of sanctions, misconduct, or behaviour of the member or family member.

To request a refund, please complete the refund form