Technical Team

Being hired by Soccer des Collines represents much more than just a job for me; it's a true acknowledgment of my passion and commitment to this sport. This opportunity represents a new chapter in my professional career, but above all, it symbolizes the culmination of many years of dedication to this sport. I am eager to contribute to the success and growth of the club, and I am honored to be part of this new team. Joining Soccer des Collines inspires me to push my limits and continue developing as a soccer professional. I am grateful for this opportunity and determined to bring all my energy, creativity, and dedication to the service of the club. I am confident that this experience will be enriching for everyone involved, and I look forward to contributing to the continuous success of Soccer des Collines.
Anthony Delion
Sporting Director
This season will be a great opportunity for all Soccer des Collines families and us as staff to increase our passion, our desire and happiness for the beautiful game. As the Technical Director, I am responsible for ensuring all technical/tactical aspects are applied correctly. Our philosophy will be centered on the integral development of the kids. Values such as fun, camaraderie, respect and education on and off the field must always be present in our environment. Creating a positive environment that stimulates passion for the game, promoting the active participation of parents in the learning process and emotional support are aspects of great value for our club. Greater attention will be given to our club’s values, and I am sure it will be a season full of challenges, expectations, but with the certainty that together we will be much stronger than we are. Welcome to your Soccer des Collines association!
Juninho Da Silva
Technical Director