The Club strives to provide quality soccer programs to the young soccer players within the MRC Des Collines territories and players that join the club from other regions. In addition, the club also wants to provide job opportunities to people 12 years and older

Job Opportunities

Monitor (Aide Technique) 

The Club has many positions available for people interested in becoming a Monitor.  Monitors work with the younger age groups U4 to U8.  Monitors support coaches by helping deliver the pre-determined training program designed by the Club’s technical team.  You will be responsible for setting up the weekly drills, demonstrating the exercises for the young players and most importantly, you will provide encouragement and support to the players.  In essence, you will be their role models 

Monitors are typically Soccer des Collines players from U13–U19 who have been hired by the club to support the U4-U8 programs but it is not a requirement.  All monitors must take the mandatory club training prior to the beginning of the season. 


In addition to having Monitors, the Club is looking for up to four Coordinators.  The coordinator is responsible for supervising the U4-U8 training sessions including, making sure the monitors set up the drills properly, provide support to monitors and coaches by providing feedback or recommendations to improve an activity.  You will also be responsible to work closely with the other coordinators and manage the scheduling of monitors and track their paid hours.  You may also be required to interact with parents and answer any questions or concerns they may have. 

To apply for the coordinator role, you must be at least 17 years old and commit to taking the mandatory club training prior to the beginning of the season. 

Technical Supervisor 

The Club has multiple positions available for people interested on becoming Technical Supervisor.  Your responsibilities include supervising the U10/U12 CDC training sessions and providing a support function to the coaches and assistant coaches.  The coaches are responsible for delivering the pre-established training curriculum that was designed by the Club licenced professionals. 

To apply for this position you must meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  1. Have completed the advanced formal training (License A, B or C).  Licence C – Soccer Québec ( or have begun the process to obtain a license. 
  1. Have completed basic formal training (PNCE) S3, S7 which is offered by Soccer Outaouais and complete internal club training prior to the beginning of the season from either the Technical Director or Sports Director