U11/12 Summer Program

(born in 2012 and 2011

Program Description

The U12 CDC program builds on what was learned at the U10 level.  Players will receive training that aligns with standards set out by Soccer Canada (Canada-Soccer-Skill-Centre-Program-Manual_EN-updated.pdf (canadasoccer.com) and Soccer Quebec (Centre de développement de club – Soccer Québec (soccerquebec.org).  The goal is for the players to have fun and develop their soccer skills.  A new training manual has been developed by Soccer des Collines qualified licensed technical team and its content is modeled after both Soccer Canada and Soccer Quebec recommendations.  Similar to U10, the focus is on players playing with the ball as often as possible and to continue the development of their technical skills.  The club’s priority is to deliver quality training to our young players that is supervised. 

Coaches will be responsible for delivering the program activities as outlined in the training manual (provided), demonstrating the exercises and providing encouragement and feedback to the players.  The Club will provide a “Technical Supervisor”** for each practice who will be responsible for ensuring the weekly drills have been set up correctly, that the drills are running smoothly and that coaches have the necessary support.  The Technical Supervisor may also provide feedback to coaches and players. 

** Technical Supervisor – This is a paid position and the individual needs to have taken or will take this summer, formal training (PNCE S3 or S7) from Soccer Outaouais or have or in the process of obtaining a License “C” and higher. 


The Club’s CDC Program offers players two options (streams): 

  • 2 activities per week – One game and one practice (CDC) 
  • 3 activities per week – One game and two practices (CDC+) 


Dates : May 15 to August 26 

2 activities per week – One game and one practice (CDC) 

3 activities per week – One game and two practices (CDC+) 


Registration fee =  250$


Affiliation fee     =    60$


Registration fee =   12$


Registration fee =  312$


Affiliation fee     =    60$


Registration fee =   15$



2 activities per week – One game and one practice (CDC) 



Game night Practice night Game night Practice night
Thursday Tuesday Tuesday Thursday


3 activities per week – One game and one practice (CDC +) 



Game night Practice night Game night Practice night
Thursday Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Thursday & Wednesday 

Affiliation fees are valid from May 2023 to April 2024  

** Coaches are needed for all teams and the club encourages each team to have at least one assistant coach.  A team manager is also beneficial 



Soccer des Collines is a volunteer-based organization.  All coaches are parent volunteers, and your involvement is needed to ensure the program is a success, so please sign up  

No experience is necessary. The Club will provide training to all coaches prior to the start of the season and support you throughout the summer.  Coaches will also be given a copy of the new training manual which includes a week-by-week explanation of all activities.  Specific dates, times and field location for the training sessions will be provided.  


Coach’s Uniform – Each coach will receive a coach’s jersey 


Team Formation 

U12 teams play in the Ligue Régionale de Soccer Outaouais (LRSO) and games are played throughout its territory. For the U12 age group, Soccer Outaouais requires each Club to inform them, by April 1st, how many teams will be submitted for both the regional division (competitive) and local division (recreational). 

Player movement between teams – Under the new guidelines provided by Soccer Canada and Soccer Quebec, the CDC program is an open roster concept. Meaning that players may move between teams throughout the year. 

** Sectors – Our Club is unique since we cover such a wide territory. The Club tries to minimize travel by using a two-sector approach:  Sector 1) Cantley/Val-Des-Monts and Sector 2) Chelsea/La Pêche. Players from outside these sectors will be assigned in a manner that enables the Club to balance teams. That being said, the Club may need to combine players from both sectors when forming the regional and/or local team(s) should there be insufficient players registered to make a complete team. Note: If a team includes players from both sectors, the home sector for practice will be where the majority of players reside. 


Practice schedule 

Practices will be held in the sector to which the team has been assigned as mentioned above. However, if the Club is unable to recruit enough coaches or Responsible de plateau, the Club will have to consider amalgamating players from both sectors and alternate practice locations between Cantley and Chelsea. This would need to be done to ensure the players receive the proper training and the coaches are supported. The quality of training the players receive is our priority.  

For full details regarding the U12 practice schedule, please visit the Schedules section of the club website. 


Uniform and Equipment 

Soccer des Collines will provide each player with a full uniform kit, which includes a jersey, shorts and socks.  Parents are responsible for the purchase of shin guards and soccer cleats.  Additional club gear can be purchased from the SAVI boutique

Players should bring their own soccer ball (size 4) to each practice.  We suggest you put your child’s initials on the ball, so it is identifiable. 


Other Important information & COVID protocols 

  • Please ensure your child has sufficient water.   Parents are encouraged to provide their child with a healthy snack for after practice 
  • The Club will follow all government COVID protocols. These requirements may change throughout the soccer season and we will advise you accordingly.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Examples of protocols may include; Vaccine passport, disinfecting of hands before and after an activity, taking attendance, staying home if child has symptoms. 


*** To become a coach, Assistant coach, or manager please complete the volunteer form located here *** 

IMPORTANT – Each team will be provided with access to Mon Club Sportif.  This application is the main communication tool to access information for the locations and times of both games and practices.  Your team’s coach and or manager will provide you all the instructions.  It is very important that each player’s availability be updated in the application.  This will allow your coach to plan for practices and when to call up players.