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The Ligue Regionale Soccer Outaouais (LRSO) creates leagues with a varying number of divisions, based on the number of players.


U10 and U12 players normally have D1, D2 and D3 teams.

U14 will have teams at D1 and D2

U16 and U19 normally have only one division (D1)


The goal is to enter D1 teams at every age group. From U13 to U19, where there are sufficient skilled players, AA teams will also be created.


At U12, where there are sufficient skilled players, a “pre-AA” team will be entered at the D1 level. These teams will also play in a number of AA tournaments and pay additional fees. In general, there will not be a second D1 team, however if there are a large number of skilled players of the younger age bracket, the Technical Committee may determine that these players could be competitive and a non pre-AA D1 team will be created.


The philosophy of Club de Soccer Des Collines is to keep each age group playing together as much as possible, especially at younger age groups. That is how true teams are formed and bonds and chemistry is shaped between players.


To achieve this goal, we keep the younger age group of each age bracket in div 2 & 3 while the stronger players of the older age group in the bracket play in div 1. This allows the younger age group to be prepared for div 1 the following summer and allows them to develop in a less competitive environment in the first year of their age bracket.


This approach applies primarily to U10 and U12 where there are the greatest number of players. From U14 to U19, the younger and older age brackets are normally combined.


Here is how the U10 male or female will work for their own category:

  • All U9 players are invited to tryout for div 2
  • All U10 players are invited to tryout for div 1


Same applies for U12:

  • All U11 players may tryout for div 2
  • All U12 players are welcome to tryout for div 1

Occasionally, a U9 or U11 player demonstrates the potential to play in div 1. In those cases, the technical director and the technical committee will decide if an exception will be granted. This decision will be made at the div 2/3 evaluations


Moreover, there may be U10 or U12 players who do not wish to tryout for div 1 and would prefer to play in div 2 or 3 – those players do not need an exception and may simply attend the team selections for D2/3 instead of D1. (verify dates at soccerdescollines.com ).


The tryouts themselves consist of 3 sessions, the first 2 are indoors and the third, weather permitting, outdoors. They consist of scrimmage mini games with players being moved to different groups throughout each session.


Players are expected to attend all tryout sessions.  If a session is missed for legitimate reasons, a request can be made to the technical committee as the acting authority to decide whether the player can still be assessed for a D1 or D2 team. Should a player miss all the evaluations they will automatically be relegated to the lowest division.


Players at local tryouts are assessed by the technical director and experienced coaches recruited by the TD of the club. For AA selections (held in January), the technical director and the coach of each team evaluate the capabilities of the players.