2023 Season Start U9-U19

The U9-U19 summer 2023 season is about to begin!


Here are some important details:


  • Practices start next week, see details for each category on our website: schedules.


  • The Ligue régionale de soccer de l’Outaouais (LRSO) games should start the following week, but it is not yet confirmed by Soccer Outaouais.


  • Uniforms (jersey, shorts and socks) will be distributed at the first practice by the coach. Players must have their cleats and shin guards.


  • Coaches use the app Mon Club Sportif to manage attendance and communication, you will receive an invitation to join your team, please accept it promptly.


  • If your child is enrolled in CDC+, i.e. two practices per week, you will have one practice with your team and the 2nd practice will be held first at Mary Ann Philip Field and then alternating with Chelsea 3.


  • Weather:

In soccer, we play even in the rain. Practices are at the discretion of your coach, but the only time games are cancelled in advance is when it is possible for Clubs or the municipality to confirm that the field is unplayable (e.g. large puddles). This assessment is made at approximately 4:00 p.m. and a message can then be sent to the teams concerned. When it is not possible to cancel in advance because it starts raining in the evening or because there is a storm watch, you must show up at the field. The referee has the authority to make the decision based on the conditions at the field.


For more information, please visit our website: Soccer des Collines


We wish you a great season 2023!